OptN is a cool idea that can change the way people commute.

About Us

Something which started as an experiment turned out to have a lot of potential in changing the way people travel in their day to day life and we are determined to make it happen. As a bunch of aspiring individuals, we are striving to build a platform which can be used by people across all ages for a better travelling experience. We are leveraging the best of technology and building innovative solutions to serve our users better.

The Team

Vishnu Aadhithya
Business Development

Mudassir Ahmed
Software Developer


The Journey So Far

Jan, 2018
Idea Conceived
Extensive Market research

March, 2018
Prototype Testing

June, 2018
Pitching at IIM Bangalore
Semi-finalist IICDC

Oct, 2018
Product Testing

Dec, 2018
Final stages of product development
Gearing up for our pilot


Chaitanya Rao - Anjaneeya Belts

I am more relaxed when i go to work these days.

Aravindhan N - Student

Now, i am able to reach my college in the right time.


One among 73 teams selected from 5,049 teams in IICDC.

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